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China Electricity Council: Heavy Industries such as Iron and Steel Have a Sharp Decline in Increase Speed of Power Consumption in November

China Electricity Council’s 19th report showed that: the increase speeds of total electricity consumption and power consumption of the second industry gear up to decline in November, in line with the fall trend of main macro-economy indexes, especial for the heavy industries of iron and steel and the like.
Report of “Brief Analysis on Running Conditions of Power Industry from January to November” showed that the total electricity consumption of China was increased by 11.85% in first eleven months compared to last year, a year-on-year increase of total electricity consumption in November was 9.9%, decreasing by 1.5% compared to the last month; a period-on-period increase was 1%, decreasing by 1.3% compared to the same period last year. CEC regarded it in line with the trend of industrial added value at the same period, wherein, the power consumption of heavy industries in November was increased by 10.6%, largely decreasing by 3.5% in increase speed compared to last month.
In terms of four key industries of chemical industry, building material, ferrous metal smelting industry and non-ferrous metal smelting industry which share large power consumption ratio, the power consumption of the four industries had an accumulated year-on-year growth of 12.7% and a period-on-period decline of 3% in first eleven months, increasing by near 1% compared to the last year. From the trend, the power consumption in four industries was at a higher level in the first half of the year and the increase speed was higher; however, in the latter half of the year, the monthly period-on-period power consumption basically kept equal and has a slight decline, but it had a large period-on-period decline in November, especially iron and steel industry accounted for more, and the building material industry and ferrous industry basically kept stable.

With deficit of thermal power, the investment and scale of thermal power under construction continuously go down right now in our country. The data show that the investment in thermal power in first eleven months accounts for 29.59% in the total investment in power engineering, decreasing by 6.5% compared to the same period, and the newly-built thermal power project scale is reduced by 10.36 million kws compared to last year, and scale under construction is reduced by 13.46 million kws than last year. Since this year, the scale of thermal power projects under construction is always below 70 million kws.
CEC considered that “the rate of rise in installed generation equipment is always lower than that power consumption increase, which would causes great impacts on the future power balance between supply and demand in our country. Up to the end of November, the national capacity of generating equipment and capacity of thermal power equipment are respectively increased by 9.7% and 8.5% on year on year basis, decreasing by 2.3% and 5.4% than national generation energy of national power plants and thermal power plants.
As wind power industry is still in rapid development, the installed capacity of grid-connected wind power is 39.97 million kws by the end of November, a year-on-year growth of 52.9%, and grid-connected wind power generated energy is 64.25 billion KWH, a year-on-year growth of 48.6%.

Post time: Aug-06-2019